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Rediscovering Urban Living in Negatives.
Since the end of the 19th century, cinema and the city have been intrinsically related to each other. Movies have been interested in the representation of places, lifestyles, and human conditions, on the other hand, the change in the society and life style and all other aspects of daily life in city had an expanded reflection on the movies. Indeed, movies can provide a comprehensive image of urban living, they confront us with hidden layers of city, those which cannot be fully represented in any other way than moving pictures.
This competition seeks to straddle the border between the art of film making and the built environment, to see how a novel narration of urban living can have consequences.
Architecture and movie – cinema intervened more after the technological inventions. Cinema became more inspiring and interesting for the architectural agenda. Movies are studied and analyzed more and more as this field grows. There is a growing scholarship on this field. The fusion of architecture and cinema depicts how these two art forms intervene in a subtle way. The essence of producing spaces in these eternalized worlds becomes more influential.

Ahmad Zohadi
2ACAA- Founder, & Head of Organizing Committee

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