1.  A story line with an emphasis on a compelling work of architecture with social, cultural, economical, humanitarian and geographical sphere of influence and the use of modern technology to design cities.
  2.  City life (behaviour) from the perspectives of adaptability, Structural sustainability, economic prosperity, environmental friendliness, supportiveness of human (citizen’s) rights, urban managements, safety, education, innovation and creativity and other significant evaluative
    characteristics of city life.
  3.  City Life (behaviour) from the cultural and social perspective.


Documentaries about the lives and works of architects, urban planners, social researchers and theoreticians in relation to architecture.


  1.  Built Projects
  2.  Concept Projects [3D Presentation- Animation]

Animation & Video Game

Note: There is no limit on the number of movies that can be submitted.

Types of Submission (for all categories)

(for all categories)
When participants decide to submit their projects, they will find four options.
four types of submission are stated at the registration form in the website which is presented clearly.
1- Presenting movies of
Length: 100 Seconds (Maximum)
Format: Mkv, Mp4
Size: 200 MB (Maximum)
2- Presenting movies [based on the awards’ categories]
Length: From100 (Seconds) to 5 (Minutes)
Format: Mkv, Mp4
Size: 400 MB (Maximum)
3- Presenting movies [based on the awards’ categories]
Length: From 5 (Minutes) to 15 (Minutes)
Format: Mkv, Mp4
Size: 800 MB (Maximum)
4- Presenting movie’s (based on the awards’ categories)
Length:More than 15 minutes
Format: Mkv, Mp4
Size: 1 GB (Maximum)