The 2A City-Architecture Movie Awards is founded by Ahmad Zohadi – CEO and the editor in chief of the 2A Magazine to honor architecture and movies. We celebrate movies demonstrating ancient, contemporary, and modern architecture, representing a blend of talent, idea, vision, as well as commitment. The 2A City – Architecture Movie Awards provide critics, theorists, and architectural philosophers with a new median for architectural expression as well as discussion.
At the 2ACAMA, we believe that movies present a contemporary way to understand and envision space. The ultimate motive behind bringing the two Arts of Architecture and Cinema together lies in a deep standpoint. This viewpoint states that movies are a play of expressions and sequence of events. On the other hand, Architecture is a powerful and enduring identity that speaks for itself using built structures. Both share a relationship that goes a long way and is both shallow and intense.



  1. A story line with an emphasis on a compelling work of architecture with social, cultural, economical, humanitarian and geographical sphere of influence and the use of modern technology to design cities.
  2. City life (behaviour) from the perspectives of adaptability, Structural sustainability, economic prosperity, environmental friendliness, supportiveness of human (citizen’s) rights, urban managements, safety, education, innovation and creativity and other significant evaluative
    characteristics of city life.
  3. City Life (behaviour) from the cultural and social perspective.


Documentaries about the lives and works of architects, urban planners, social researchers and theoreticians in relation to architecture.

Promotional, Commercial and Marketing

  1. Built Projects
  2. Concept Projects [3D Presentation- Animation]

Animation, Video Game, VR and AR

Note: There is no limit on the number of movies that can be submitted.