Winners 2ACAMA 2020



  1.  A story line with an emphasis on a compelling work of architecture with social, cultural, economical, humanitarian and geographical sphere of influence and the use of modern technology to design cities.
  2.  City life (behaviour) from the perspectives of adaptability, Structural sustainability, economic prosperity, environmental friendliness, supportiveness of human (citizen’s) rights, urban managements, safety, education, innovation and creativity and other significant evaluative
    characteristics of city life.
  3.  City Life (behaviour) from the cultural and social perspective.


    Documentaries about the lives and works of architects, urban planners, social researchers and theoreticians in relation to architecture.


    1.  Built Projects
    2.  Concept Projects [3D Presentation- Animation]

    Animation & Video Game


    Note: There is no limit on the number of movies that can be submitted.

Winners Announcement:

The announcement of the Architecture Movie Award 2020 coincided with the beginning of COVID 19 pandemic.

As the number of submissions was not enough to involve the whole jury board, the organizer decided that one member of the jury; Golmar Kempinger-Khatibi should evaluate the submissions. Kempinger-Khatibi asked  to cooperate and asist two professionals with the evaluation of the submissions (Please find a brief CV below).

Based on the announced criteria on the website, the movies were evaluated and the following films were chosen for first, second and third prize and “Honorable Mention” of 2A city-Architecture Movie Award 2020.


Organizing Committee of 2ACAMA 2020

Golmar kempinger-Khatibi

She studied at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, National University of Iran (SBU).

She was University Professor for Interior Architecture at the New Design University (NDU) in Austria (2011-2012) and teaching at the Technical University of Vienna (2001- 2009).

She lectures on Cultural Heritage at the Academy of fine Arts in Vienna (from 2007).

The Vienna based architectural office concentrates on design and restructuring strategies in historic Buildings, Interior Design and Exhibition Design.


– Documentary  

First place

Directors: Celia Lebarbey et Marylène Negro

Movie’s title: Hampi, my land of ruins

Producers: Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Architecture (BVCOA) and French Institute in India – Embassy of France in India.

Country: India

Second place:

Producer & Director: Ali Noormohammadi

Movie’s title: Connection

Country: Canada

Honorable Mention:

Producer & Director: Negro Marylène

Movie’s title: Pass

Country: India

Honorable Mention:

Producer & Director: MASAAKI MATSUOKA

Movie’s title: Tradition and Innovation

Country: Japan

Workshop Organization: AA visiting school@Osaka 2019

– Marketing:

First place

Director of the movie: Rodrigo Tapia O.

Producer of the video: de Winder Architekten

Movie’s title: Office Design German Headquarter

Country: Germany (+49)

Honorable Mention:

Producer & Director: MASAAKI MATSUOKA

Movie’s title: SPEED IS ELEGANCE

Country: Japan


Filming Cooperation with DESCENTE LTD.

– Movie:

Second place:

Director: Parham Taghioff

Movie’s title: SteelForm Showroom


Producer: Persia Photography Center

Executive Producer &  Architect: Admun Studio;Amir Reza Fazel & Shobeir Mousavi

Director of Photography: Alireza Ghazi

Honorable Mention:

Producer & Director: Christian Teckert

Movie’s title: Total Living Industry II

Country: Austria

Camera: Linda Lackner, Christian Teckert, Wolfgang Thaler

Editing: Christian Teckert, Wolfgang Thaler

Voice: Caitlin Berrigan

Translation: Peter Blakeney & Christine Schöffler

Sound: A New Day von Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani

Thanks to: Christina Nägele, Linda Lackner, Heidi Pretterhofer, Ryo Abe, Jorge Almazan, Sarah Widmer

Honorable Mention:

Producer & Director: Jia Pin Ang

Movie’s title: The Window

Country: Afghanistan

– Animation:

First place

Producer & Director: Han Wu

Movie’s title: Urban Below

Country: Australia

Producer Team: Hamid Khalili – Studio Leader

Honorable Mention:

Director: Ojan Salimi

Producer: OJAN Design Studio

Movie’s title: A short story about h<H

Country: Iran

Producer Team: Dena Khaksar, Minoo Maboudi, Arefeh Sheta
Motion Designer: Zahra Foroughi, Erfan Rasooly

Honorable Mention:

Producer & Director: Marissa Wong

Movie’s title: Archway: Odyssey Enigma

Country: Australia

Collaboration with:  Hamid Khalili (The University of Melbourne)

Honorable Mention:

Producer & Director: Jerome Ng, Xin Hao Ng

Movie’s title: Metabolist Regeneration of a Dementia Nation

Country: Singapore